Aiadmk Sasikala Dinakaran memes – Relax please

  How many times and how much and in how many different ways will you repeatedly steal the public money and execute Ararjagam and control the government. Your 20 plus crores fine for your court case where did you get that money? How did Singapore give you citizenship when you have had criminal Court dealings!!! […]

Hadoop Apache Flume Introduction

Apache-Flume Introduction Apache Flume –is the streaming framework in Hadoop family. The server log, twitter feeds, stock market share price movements are known for streaming data. These streaming data were earlier processed by conventional technologies or frame works. However, after Hadoop comes into existence Apache Flume is playing key role to process the streaming data. This video […]

What is HBase? – Hadoop HBase Introduction

hbase-architecture-diagram-explanation What is HBase used for? HBase is a Hadoop’s distributed, scalable, NoSQL database for big data which is run on HDFS – The distributed file system and primary storage layer for Hadoop. The HBase Physical Architecture consists of servers in a Master-Slave relationship as shown below. Typically, the HBase cluster has one Master node, called […]

The Future of Hadoop by Hadoop creator Doug Cutting

Hadoop Creator and Cloudera Chief Architect Doug Cutting Hadoop on Demand The current hot technology in the market is Big Data Hadoop  All Software persons are trying to move this technology because of high demand exists and they anticipates the demand for another 15 years are also promising. Hadoop the Apache open source frame work which was invented by Doug Cutting. This Stanford […]

In Map Reduce – Record reader importance

record-reader-in-map-reduce Hadoop is running on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that means it is based on Distributed computing. If one data set is passing through Hadoop system it is split as blocks. The default size is 64 MB in Hadoop system. It can be split as multiple of these default size that means 64 MB or […]