Aiadmk Sasikala Dinakaran memes – Relax please


How many times and how much and in how many different ways will you repeatedly steal the public money and execute Ararjagam and control the government. Your 20 plus crores fine for your court case where did you get that money? How did Singapore give you citizenship when you have had criminal Court dealings!!!

Arivazhagan Karunanithi1

shameful creature… through shit on him… does he thinks that we are fool? still v follow blindly… dinakaran please get away from these drama. don’t imagine that u will get elected and u will save these party..

Certainly NOT. All TN citizens are angry about you and mafia group. Get away from TN. We don’t like the same thief. We want another one. we are giving a chance now. Get away. No body likes you as common man. ADMK va naanga kaarpatharom. U leave.




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