Blurred Vision Headache

Headaches may seem normal, unless you know the underlying causes of it. Your headache could be a sign to some other serious types of ailments. Some headaches cause blurred vision, together with other symptoms.

Blurred vision headache is a grave situation and should take you to your health care provider immediately. The reasons behind having blurred vision cannot be identified in isolation.

Blurred vision during headache tells that there is something very serious about the functioning of the related blood vessels. Here, the headache is to be considered as the cause of some other disease. The worst part is, such headache will hit you at the most unsuspected moment.

blurred vision headache
blurred vision headache

One example would be the after exercise headache. When you exercise during a hot weather or when you are exposed to heat, you experience difficulty in breathing along with symptoms of dizziness and headache. You are unable to see what is before you. This clearly indicates that a heatstroke is in the foreseeable future.

In case of a tumor, the headache initially appears and slowly develops, and when you exercise, the condition worsens. In such states, blurred vision is certain to come next, with unsteadiness or weakness. You must be quick enough to understand the danger of such situations. So, headache with blurred vision is a sure sign of a serious problem.

Warning signs that a blurred vision headache may be associated with a severe problem:

• Double vision
• Dizziness
• Loss of vision (part or all of the vision in one or both eyes)
• Loss of sensation in a part of the body
• Loss of strength in a part of the body
• Generalized weakness
• Changes in personality
• Excessive weight gain or weight loss
• Children may be being much bigger or smaller than other children of the same age.
• Children may show poor performance in school.
• Loss of coordination
• Head tilting
• Localized or severe pain in the head area

If a child or an adult has any of the above symptoms along with a headache and blurred vision, the situation warrants further investigation.

Even if your headache results in blurred vision due to minor things, you must let your health care provider check the matter further. Do not be your own judge and self-medicate by using over the counter medications. By taking these types of medicines you may only be complicating the situation. Your blurred vision headache could be a life threatening condition.

But then again, blurred vision headaches may also occur in mild pet allergies. Symptoms of mild pet allergies can include headaches and blurry vision due to clogged sinuses and swollen or tearing eyes. But if your pet allergies, headache or blurred vision symptoms are affecting your daily life, you would still end up seeing your health care provider to determine if you have a more serious condition.

Astigmatism, which is an eye condition, causes blurred vision as well due either to the irregular shape of the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, or sometimes the curvature of the lens inside the eye, and can also be accompanied by headaches if left untreated.

Eye strain and blurred vision can cause headaches when a person is forced to strain the focusing muscles in their eyes to keep the vision clear. The focusing muscles get tired after a long day of forced focusing and this fatigue can lead to a tension headache or even a migraine headache. The best line of treatment for blurred vision headache depends on the basis of your case history. Even if it is the first time you experience the headache, your physician alone is the best judge

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Blurred Vision Headache

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