Burn That Fat Fast By Eating MORE?

Burn That Fat Fast By Eating MORE? You read that right. You can lose all the flab by eating more. But you can’t eat just anything. You need to eat foods that will help you banish that fat to the abyss forever.

burning that fat FAST

So what types of food should you eat? I’m going to show you 4 superstar foods you need to eat to burn that fat fast

Research has shown that people who eat an apple at least 15 minutes before their main meals consumed significantly lesser calories than those who didn’t. This is because of the high fiber that apples have giving you the full feeling for longer.

Jalepenos/Hot Peppers
If you can take the heat, you better load up on these hot mamas. Consuming these will mean your metabolism speeds up due to a chemical that gets released in your body. Just make sure you add these to your meals than taking them raw.

burning that fat FAST
Green Tea
This is a well-known weight loss drink (ok it’s not a food but it cannot be left out). Try to drink at least 2 – 5 cups a day because as with the spice food above, it speeds up your metabolism. Not only does your metabolism get a boost, but green tea has many antioxidants and it promotes digestion helping to keep the weight off.

Wild Salmon
Salmon, like most fish contains HIGH levels of Omega 3. Omega 3 is sooo good because it makes your metabolism and the burning of your fats faster. Plus eating at least one salmon a day keeps you full for most of the day, stopping you from those snack attacks.

So there you go. Eat these 4 superstar foods and you are well on your way to

burning that fat FAST

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