Commonly Occurring Depression Symptoms in Men

Commonly Occurring Depression Symptoms in Men

Depression is a serious medical condition. It is a complication that affects the mind of an individual. However, it is very much curable. Depression is a condition which can affect people of different age groups, gender, socioeconomic status as well as cultural background. It has been observed that depression tends to impact females a lot more as compared to men. However, with the pace of life being extremely brisk at the moment and increase in regular demands has seen many men suffer form this condition as well.

Few stats on Commonly Occurring Depression Symptoms in Men

Depression-Men-Symptoms-1It is true that the numbers of men facing depression if far less when compared to women. However, when you consider the overall population of a country like United States of America, the final number of sufferers is still very considerable. For instance – Study reveals that about 7 percent of men in the country are affected by depression every single year. Although the number sounds pretty small, it makes up for about 6 million men residing in the country.

Also, one of the facts associated with men is that they do not like admitting that they are indeed under stress. Hence, in most cases, by the time the diagnosis takes place, complication of depression has reached a lot further and treatment becomes that much more difficult.

Depression in Men and its symptoms

There are many different kinds of depression symptoms in men. Like any other health related complication, depression too gives a number of warning signs before taking its full toll on the mind of the man. These warning signs reach individuals in form of symptoms. Here is a list of some of the most common depression symptoms in men.

As far as depression signs men is concerned, stress is probably the most prominent. The suffering individual would come across as someone who is very gloomy. He is more or less going through an emotional state which can be best described as ‘empty’. For instance – you may share good and pleasant news with the sufferer; however there would not be an encouraging response from him. These are all signs of stress.
This is also one of the most common depression symptoms in men. There is a sense of hopelessness in the mind of the individual. He would tend to give up on things and tasks very easily. There is no fighting spirit left and the attitude towards life is extremely negative. The individual, no longer has the ability to cope up with daily challenges that the life throws at him.

A depressed man is extremely low on self confidence. A feeling of worthlessness surrounds his mind. In some cases, the suffering man also experiences tremendous amount of guilt. This could be associated with the prime reason behind him being depressed. The sufferer is more or less convinced that he is no longer able to carry out any tasks in life.

No Interest left
This is a commonly experienced depression signs men. The sufferer would tend to lose interest in things that he once enjoyed the most. He will no longer be excited to carry out the hobbies that he once did on a regular basis without fail. Also, there will be lack of interest in sex life and intimacy.

Slow Body Moments
Depression symptoms in men not only include mental aspects but physical as well. A man facing the depression complication is no longer agile. There is a significant drop in the pace of his body moments. The overall body-language is extremely subdued. For instance – you would not see a man suffering from depression walk at a brisk pace. He would invariably be slow.

Lack of Focus
Man suffering from depression finds it extremely difficult to pay attention to a certain task. This is one of the major reasons why he is not as efficient at work as he was previously. Apart from paying attention and focus, the sufferer lacks good decision making skills as well.

Lack of Sleep
Lack of Sleep There is considerable drop in the number of sleeping hours for a man experiencing the feeling of depression. Ideally, an individual should sleep for 7-8 hours daily. However, a depression patient would not sleep for more than 4-5 hours a day. The sleep pattern would more or less be inconsistent.

Anxiety When it comes to depression symptoms in men, anxiety never fails to make it to the list. Anxiety is a phase wherein the individual is constantly under some kind of fear. There is a sense of discomfort felt by the suffering man.

Summary All depression symptoms in men are equally important and should not be ignored at any cost. Ideally, getting in touch with an expert is highly recommended.

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Commonly Occurring Depression Symptoms in Men

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