DMDK Chief Vijayakanth Bad times started because of Premalatha or Vaiko?

DMDK Chief Vijayakanth faces bad times. His party 5 MLA are splitted and they try to suspend the party Murasu Symbol. Vijayakanth bad times has been started long back and Vijayakanth was totally remote controlled by his wife Premalatha and his nephew Sudhesh.

Vijayakanth had been President of South Indian actor association for few years which made him to prove his leadership qualities. In maiden attempt, his party DMDK won a seat in Virudhachalam during 2006-2011 assembly elections. During 2011 elections his party was approached by ADMK to form an alliance. Initially he refused and latter both the parties made an alliance and tend to win in 2011 elections. Right now his party is Leader of the Official Opposition which they grabbed within a short spam of time. As Opposition leader Vijayakanth lost his Emotional Intelligence and He does not have the capability of keep the good administrator like Mafoi Pandiyarajan and Pandruity Ramachandran.

Vijayakanth recent times speech becomes valueless speech and he shows disgraceful behavior in the public. He scold the media, beat his MLA’s in Public and he thought his fans are still behind him. The speech which Vijayakanth gave at 2005,Madurai during his party formation was very enthusiastic and there was a utter in him to bring something to the state, but now all his speech seems to be used only in social media to make trolls.

Now Vijayakanth alliance with Makkal Nala Koottani (People Welfare Wing). This alliance will benefit to ADMK, Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) and Paatali Maakal Katchi (PMK). For ADMK multi cornered contest will lead to vote split up rather than consolidating anti-incumbency votes. since we have many players in the election, Neutral voters and First-time voters have many options to choose such as PWF, DMK, PMK, NTK and BJP. This vote split will help ADMK in the election.


PMK’s stronghold is Northern Tamilnadu. DMDK also has support among Vanniyar community in North TN. Since DMDK is now part of PWF, where Thirumavalavan’s VCK is also a constituent in PWF. DMDK’s Vanniyar vote base might shift in favor of PMK.  Race is for the second position. Vijayakanth Front may secure third position. Losing Second position to DMK. If experienced politician MKarunanithi plays tactics (Splitting and suspend the Vijayakanth party election symbol) can be DMK can win in the election.

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