Do not disclose your salary in technical discussion

Lay off is integrating in India MNCs policy now
my friend who is latest victim of India MNC’s lay off movement. Now a day in India more lay off happening across country. TCS already lay off 30,000 persons; Nokia and Foxconn exit all the employees and closed their units. Either the laid off comes in media or indirect laid off is more compare with announced laid off.   These MNC white color employees are not belongs to any law. Even the law also there getting justice in India will take two or three decades again it is more than injustice. Wait I am not going to write more about this. If I continue either you will depress or exit from this post.

India has bad mind set
After sacking from the company if you are searching for the next job, that time you will come to know our Indians very bad mind set. Everyone is keep asking the question why you are not in the job? Or why you left from the organization. Whatever you are telling the reasons if real reasons or other reasons they keep asking the question to fulfil their arrogant mind-set hunger. India become rapist country now, the professional rape is happened during this discussion. Whoever interviewed you they always thinking that they would live in the same organization for next 200 years?!

One manager asked to my friend that if you keep jumping the organization how I will satisfy my client who is doing business with me for ten years. We checked his LinkedIn profile and came to know that he jumped organization for every three years. One Interview they asked why you left from the last organization. My friend said “I want to take a break”. You can’t believe nobody accept this answer. Indians want to be in the monthly salary person till his retirement or till get fired from that organization. They are still in eighteenth century mind-set and if anybody tells that different true reasons then they even not recognize that person and consider him as untouchable.

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Don’t Tell the Salary information to the Interviewer
Most of the interview in India (technical interview/discussion) ended with salary information like last salary and expected salary. My friend told the salary information in all interviews (around 20 interviews) none of these interviews he selected. He sent follow up mail or call all the recruiters of these interviews. No body replied to him or picked up his call. He ended up with deep depression.

This is the egotistical nature for our Indians. If you apply for the Credit card if they deny your application then you will get the one letter that stating that they are regret to not provide credit card to you. You can’t get more details why they denied; even your credit history is good apart from that what they expect to approve your application? As the same way whatever you attend interview you can’t get more details why they not considering you even you perform good in interview.

Finally my friend got the reason for his 20 interviews failure from one good recruiter. India has good persons too sine they are exist the rain too exist in each year.   The most of the technical discussion/interview is done by team members/team lead/architect. However, the cost control by program/project manager not by TM, TL and Architect. My friend told the salary details in all interviews which interviewed by TL/Architect in most of the cases, after hearing his salary expectation they simply put negative feedback.

Salary decided by HR or Program Manager
My friend finally succeeded and got offer in 23rd interview. As usual this interview too they asked salary details. He said “I will disclose to HR”. His 21st and 22nd interview too he said the same answer and he was rejected since interviewer consider that he has attitude problem after hearing this answer. But his 23rd interview he has been selected since this interviewer has good attitude and because of this positive attitude he is able to accept this answer. He joined there because of this interviewer. Now, two questions for you.
1.            “What is your current Salary and Expected Salary?”
2.            “Are you going to disclose these details in your next technical discussion?”

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Do not disclose your salary in technical discussion

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