The Future of Hadoop by Hadoop creator Doug Cutting

Doug Cutting

Doug Cutting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hadoop on Demand
The current hot technology in the market is Big Data Hadoop  All Software persons are trying to move this technology because of high demand exists and they anticipates the demand for another 15 years are also promising. Hadoop the Apache open source frame work which was invented by Doug Cutting. This Stanford university Architect was Invented on the basis of Google Paper which was released on 2004. Hadoop started as a storage and batch processing architecture, modeled on the pioneering work at Google over a decade ago. Over time the community have added a wide range of capabilities that have greatly expanded the capability of Hadoop. Doug will talk broadly about the future capability of Hadoop in the context of the road traveled so far.

Future Hadoop MapReduce
What are the limits of Hadoop? How should you think about workloads like SQL and Search? What’s next?. Doug Cutting the creator of Hadoop currently Chief Architect at Cloudera Inc the leading Hadoop Distribution company. Doug Cutting in this video explains what is the future of Hadoop. The worth watching video.


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