How Edureka Course will change your life.

How Online learning reduce the time and cost?
Online LEARNING has huge advantages than traditional model class room learning. Online learning is more convenient one as we can attend the class from our study hall itself. Moving from one place to another place in City becomes tedious now a day as it occurs extra time and travel occurred. Also in conventional class room learning we need to travel to reach there and the classes are also not in punctual in time. If 5 persons are in the batch or class not all persons are comes in time. However in Online courses it starts correct time and it end with correct time.

If you are in Software job you should be in learning mode always
Information Technology is one of the prime industries in India which it gives lot of employment and income to the country. Information technology or Software Industry keeps evolving as if you learned and landed one language/tool around a decade back, now the same tool / programming language completely vanished. Particularly the recent years after open source revolution happened in Software Industry most of the Operating Systems, Frameworks and Programming languages are belongs to Open Source. All Software Companies are pressure to use these latest cutting edge technologies to get more out come with reduced cost. So, If you are currently working in Software Industry you always be in learning mode. When you shut off this mode then your software career automatically shut down.
We are in Mobility and Data Age
In recent year’s changes significantly shows where the Software Industry future is positioned on. Mobile and Big Data are future. If you are Java programmer you need to learn Big Data or Android since only Java does not bring further opportunity. If your project going for next stage if you are not equip with modern technologies you will be out. Big Data, Android, Data Analytics, Visualization, Ruby on Rails, Linux, Open Stock, AMazon Web Services, Azure, Python, responsive UI, Angular JS, No SQL databases like Cassandra, Mango DB, ETL tools – are some names that now conquering in Software Industry.

More Experience More Danger
we already covered this topic detail in this post if you are 8+ years’ experience you are in risk. In India all software companies has been started “restructuring”. If you are 8 Years’ experience with 10 Lakhs salary per year, then you will not get good rating in every year appraisal. You will get 3rd or 4th ratings and if consequently taking two years third ratings then you will transfer to work bench and If you are in work bench for long period then one young HR executive called you and ask to put the paper. In the same time your organization recruiting the 3-4 years’ experience persons massively with max 4 lakhs salary per year.

So, you will be replaced by 2 young and energetic persons and company will get 200% efficiency from them and saved nearly 2-3 lakhs per year.

How succeed in this severe competition
Yes, It is very Hot and very barefaced competition. Recent years in India even 20 year’s working experience persons are lost their job suddenly. This job loss becomes national disease and most of the places it is happening across the country. One point we learned from all these job loss is whoever having expertise in cutting edge technology they never been lost their job. Instead of before the company sack them they sack their company by getting good offer from the start-up or High paying companies with huge salary. So, if you are in Software you need to be very dynamic. You should not stick with one technology for a long time. If you are purely in management (manager) and if you think you can impress your immediate boss and continues to surviving with his shadows you will be in big risk. Now we are in living in merger and acquisition era. In Software Industry more mergers and acquisitions are happening. During these mergers and acquisitions these top level person (your superior) only targeted for removing.

How Edureka is different
Edureka – each course is teaching by real time experienced persons. Their course contents are top notch. Each class are well planned and class videos are available for life time. One of the first points I impressed with them is their support. The non-stop and 24/7 support you can’t compare anything with their support. I enrolled Big Data Hadoop courses with them and by their course I can able to change my previous technology path to Big Data Hadoop. If you want to succeed this cut throat competition you should consider Edureka courses.

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How Edureka Course will change your life.

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