How History affects you and me?

Probably I know when you are seeing this title; you may assume that it is serious topic.  I am sorry to say this is not.  May of us history is bitter subject in school days.  Exceptions are there.

After we grow an adult, we unnecessary add all the complications in our mind, we named as we are growing wisely or we are thinking with sixth sense.  All we borrowed western habits (there are yearning for our good culture that is different story) western dress, Italy pizzas.  We forgot our idly, sambar, pongal etc., as being in Tamilnadu forgot Tamil, hesitate to speak Tamil since we are living in global. All these things are the “time “that Globalization has impact on us.  We changed to Global standards and forgot one very basic domestic value that is our “History”.

I like one quote in one Balakumaran Novel that is “I am tiny person like bubbles in the foam of the sea waves”. This world is like sea.  It has lot of waves, in that one wave, crores of foams in that foam I am one of bubble.  In this tiny world lot of crores of people already lived, whatever problems we are facing love, affection, faith, etc., etc., you name it.  It already experienced by the mankind who lived already.  Whatever the problem I am facing here is not new.How History affects you and me?

So, what is History?  History is nothing but the life already happened earlier.  It is already experienced and tested and documented.  Why we are not willing to take this help which available to us.  How many of us trying to know our family ancestors history at least their names?  How many of us discussed with our parents about our kindred.  This is real incident happened in our company that is the well educated and high earned software engineer jump from tenth floor and died because of the girl who loved him (?) did not turned to him.  Since our life is become globalization, we are not having tough mind to face all these small emotions. We are growing to adopt this material world.  When the material disappeared from us were are unable to digest.

Did you ever think why so called our politician cheating us in terms of corruption?  Even they know the correct way to rule, or runs government why they are always doing corruption? All they are doing because we hate our history.  They take advantage and in election time they play with our emotions and finally they always win and we always lost……….

Again “History” that what I am indicating here is not reading about King Asoka planting trees in road side.  History means learning biography, human minds, and human’s natures.  We can learn maximum of 300-400 people life, that too If you have good communication and connection.  But by history we can learn the person’s life as much as can.

To solve our daily problems, we can get ideas from the person history.  History is not only remembering past, not only reference to take future decision.  It is respect to our populace and it is nothing but respecting our parents who are brought us to this wonderful world. So start to learn the history and respect our natives and get respect.

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How History affects you and me?

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