How Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treated?

Even though there is actually no easy remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, you can find treatments that may help minimize the symptoms.

For the majority of men and women with IBS, a healthful lifestyle is the best way to improve symptoms. This can include the following

If your main symptom is diarrhea, you should try to avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, spicy foods and the artificial sweetener sorbitol, because these may increase your symptoms.

If you experience constipation, you might try steadily introducing more fibre-rich foods, such as bran, fruit and vegetables, in to your diet plan. If bloating or wind is a problem, cutting out gas-producing foods, such as beans and green vegetables may help.

Some individuals find that specific foodstuff frequently bring on symptoms, but this isn’t always easy to find out. It is best not to miss out one food after another from your diet to see if it is causing your symptoms, as you may not be getting all the nutrients you need in your diet. Guidance from a dietician can be valuable.


Stress is also one factor that can bring on the symptoms. If this applies to you, handle your stress level with the help of relaxation techniques. Keeping notes on what symptoms appeared during certain activities or events can be a great help in distinguishing the most stressful experiences that can cause IBS symptoms.

A regime of regular exercise helps to keep your bowel movements regular and reduce stress.

If painkillers are needed to manage your pain, paracetamol is the better choice than ibuprofen or aspirin as these two are known to aggravate the symptoms.

While dealing with irritable bowel syndrome by yourself is not discouraged, you should seek advice from a medical professional if you don’t experience any relief. Medical professionals will also discuss your symptoms with you and help identify the variables that could be causing them to act up or intensify.

There are various non-prescription remedies obtainable from your everyday pharmacy that can relieve some of the symptoms of IBS. Anti-diarrhea medicines, such as loperamide may help but you should only take them as you need them, not on a regular basis. For constipation, you may use laxatives such as bran or ispaghula husk, which are bulk-forming laxatives. However, some people find that bran makes their symptoms worse. Lactulose is an alternative to bulk-forming agents. This can help add water to your large bowel although it may also produce wind. There are also other forms of laxative which are more concentrated and bowel-stimulating such as senna, but you need to get medical advice prior to using these agents. Symptoms such as abdominal pain and wind, may be alleviated with antispasmodic medicines like mebeverine hydrochloride and peppermint oil capsules. Harmless bacteria known as probiotics are sometimes used as an added ingredient in yoghurts. A few medical findings point to some bacterial strains as useful for IBS symptoms, but these studies are not conclusive as yet.

Your physician might also prescribe drugs for IBS. These medicines are simply prescription-only variations of the medications discussed in the preceding paragraph. The medical professional could also prescribe a low dose antidepressants, which can provide some relief even to those people who are not suffering from depression.

Since stress, as well as other psychological causes, can trigger IBS, behavioural therapy and psychotherapy are extra forms of treatment suggested for some individuals especially those who have personal issues to contend with. Your doctor can refer you to a relevant counselor.

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How Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treated?

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