How to become Data Scientist and earn high salary – Free Guide

ata Science is buzz world and Data Scientist Job is 21 century sexiest job and highly paid job too. Data Scientist find the value on huge data and from the value they predict the business before damage happen. In other words we can say they predict or analyse the data and find the value or pattern or model to improve the business.

Data Science – having huge skills needs to learn. Statistics, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine learning, Big Data, R, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, Hive, Pig and now it is hosted on cloud so AWS, Azure or Google cloud also join in the list.

Data Science is complex and however each one who working in software field want to be Data Scientist. Here you can find the Data Science Crash course – 50 USD value (INR around 3500). It is very good guide and eye opener.

This ebook is packed with material:
A step-by-step data science learning plan
What programming language to learn
How to make 3 essential data visualizations
How to do data manipulation in R (using dplyr)
How to get started with machine learning (using caret)
What is difference between Data Mining, Machine Learning and Statistics..

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