How to get the Job after sack from the company

One fine day that happened. I asked to put the paper by HR executive. My Organization which has huge business from USA and having huge operations in India, one fine day they decided to reduce the cost. We are in India. In India sacking and firing of the employee is very easy since here there is no stringent rule. Even the stringent rule also there, They the MNC is like monster they can swallow everything.

Sack them but indirectly
My last company recruited heavily the freshers and freshly experienced persons massively. Every time we saw the crowd we proud ourselves that company has huge projects so they are keep recruiting. However that is true and another side fact also true.

They have huge plan to cut the high band salary persons and replaced by freshly experienced persons. We have done excellent job and we put all facts and figures in appraisal form with colorful and dreamed eyes. We expect the color will glow after Appraisal. Yeah. It glowed one color that is red. I was awarded as “OK” ratings and immediately released from the project which I pride that I have done something special in that project. Next day I throw to “Pool” and asked to report to pool HR executive.

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One week passed and we met “Pool Manager” and “M” gave another one week time. Within that we need to get the project. We approached my ex superiors and colleagues and chasing and chasing. Nothing is working out since already the fortunate persons (who are in project) had decision that to not take “OK” ratings persons. The deadline came and my hr called and asked to put the paper and there is no way it is climax. I cut the cake.

Instead of telling story tell truth
Job search after sacking is very pathetic. Recruiter keep asked why I resigned in last organization. I started with lot of reasons like my career growth I resigned, I fall in sick I resigned, my mother and wife met accident need to take care of them I resigned. Whatever the reasons I am telling there is further questions keep coming. After a month time I observed the reasons what I told for resignation is main bottleneck to get further job. One fine day I decided and then got call from recruiter. After all questions she asked she came to final question. “Why you came out from last Organization?”

I told “Laid off”.
Other side I observed she shocked and she asked again:
“what? I am not hearing properly”
I told again “I laid off”.
She replied “Really? I can’t believe”.
Yes it is true”
“Sorry to hear this. Ok. You are immediate joiner. I will check with technical team and slat the interview tomorrow 2 PM

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How to get the Job after sack from the company

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