If you are 8+ in software you are in big risk

If you are 8+ years experience in software and you are in India.  You are in risk. Are you shocking? Or wondering why? Read further.

I am damn sure you have started your software career as fresher (either you are ‘lucky’ fellow of getting placement in campus interview or ran as dog to chase job after completing your course).  Consider the 10 persons who ever joined with you as a fresher and see those persons position now.  You can find out of 10, two persons are in manager/architect, remains 8 persons are surviving or struggling or just passing their time in their career.

          Because of the master and slave appraisal system follows in  most of the companies, not everyone knows the science of pleasing their superiors since, after they start software career they are confusing of which way they follow that means the local politics way (pleasing with superiors, say yes to him/her for all non logical wording) or technology improvement way. In other side technology that you are involve or work has been changing very swiftly. See the Moore law (over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every 18 months).  It itself says the processing power become double for every 18 months.  Here in software or programming language every company or community (for open source) has huge number persons to upgrading their technology/programming language/frame work.

If you are 8+ years experience in software and you are in India.  You are in risk.
How many of us know the FoxPro which was rule in customize software around a decade back.  After internet evolves, every technology evolves, processor speed, internet bandwidth, social media, literacy, human buying power and etc.., all it tells that the complete changes are happening.  The changes literally shock. It is very intense and serious. Example suppose you visited Chennai Navalur in OMR aka IT Highway around 8 years before and after a long gap if you visiting now. You definitely can’t recognize anything. Changes complete changes happened and happening.

          In this swift changes situation you can’t survive what you learn around 5 years back. Around 7 years back IBM Mainframe experienced persons were in demand. Now it is in reverse, lot of mainframe technology persons lost their job or changed  their technology.
So, what we need to do to face these swift changes?  Keep watch this space I will cover in next post.

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  1. you are god damn right

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