Indian income taxes refund and income tax return status fraud

Whoever seeking their income tax return status or Income Tax Refund status please aware the latest fraud happening in online. The hackers or fraud persons are more sophisticated in their technology and they suck your hard earned money in jiffy.

Today I got the below mail….

Dear Valued Taxpayer,

We regret to bring to your notice that your tax refund request was NOT successfully processed. This is due to the submission of incorrect/wrong account particulars.

However, after the last account audit, the total tax excesses refundable to you is now 38,910.92 INR. Please follow the reference below to re-submit a refund request and this time, endeavor to input your Information correctly to avoid further delay in the remittance of your tax refunds into your account


Note: Your request will be processed within TEN (10) working days.

We appreciate your sparing the time to learn about our tax refunds. It’s one extra way Income tax unit can make your tax payment experience better.


Indian income-tax-refund-fraud

I Income-Tax-refund-Fraud already submitted my return through online. I guess the hacker took my id from online. In My return I don’t have any amount for refund from the IT Department. But the mail says I owed 38,910.92 INR as Refund. Definitely after seeing this type of mail our desperate Indians click the link.

The link goes to the below page – See the address it is one Word press blog and they uploaded the script there.Indian income-tax-refund-fraud-2

Brilliant it goes to Fake Income Tax Department Website – asking which bank do you have the account. For your information there is no such facility of selecting the bank account and it leads to your net banking account in real Income Tax department website. They made this fake site again amazing fraud job.

Indian income-tax-refund-fraud-3

Indian income-tax-refund-fraud-4

It goes to Bank website. I don’t want to put my user name or password here since I am not that much crazy.

So, Guys. Be aware it is pure high class fraud. Don’t be fallen into this trap.

Indian income-tax-refund-fraud-5



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