LTTE Prabhakaran Srilanka Tamils History

What is the background of Srilanka genocide?

Is LTTE Chief Prabhakaran Terrorist?

Why LTTE ban across the world? Indian government helping Singala army (it is not Srilanka army) and has been killing daily 1000 Tamils… How the Prabaharan still alive?

What is the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)? How it is established and why?

Tamils are living all country and why they don’t have any own country?

What is Indian Peace Keeping Force? They really keep the peace in Srilanka?

Why Tamil nadu Chief Minister MK says one day Prabhakaran is my friend and another day he is telling Prabhakaran is Terrorist?

Why Indian young Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassinations happen?

Tamils – who are living in Tamil nadu, too not know the real fact real background of Srilanka problem? Most of them are ignorant and some of them are biased. Why?

This book give clear picture of Prabhakaran back ground how he makes LTTE as strong organization.

Every Tamils and everyone who wants to know Srilanka Tamils problem need to read this book. The author Chellamuthu Kuppusamy who is known as investment analyst wrote the book. I was wonder before reading it how the person who already wrote investment strategy book “Ilakkathe” writes about biography of LTTE Chief Prabhakaran.

The style and flow I can realize that some type of alertness across the book. I hope since LTTE is banned organization in India. The author follows that style. And the author never ever biased the information. This is one of the main features of this book.

After reading this book…Your view on this Tamil problem definitely widen since you would know complete in out of LTTE and Srilanka Tamils.

I request if you are Tamil, before speak about LTTE or Srilanka problem read this Book first then speak…

It is not only worth reading Book. It is must reading book too.You can order this book online from here


This book was written around 2007-2008. In 2009 There was very big war between Srilanka Army and LTTE. For Srilanka Army India, Pakistan, China and all countries helped and finally in May 18-19. Srilankan Army killed around 50,000 Tamil people one day and announced the war came to end. It also shows LTTE Chief Prabhakaran Body shooted in forehead. LTTE Chief Prabhakaran supporters and most of the Tamils never believe it is prabhaharan real body..Since even it is true body Tamils does not able to digest this news…

The basic reason why LTTE formed in Srilanka is still intact even Srilanka government says LTTE is completely removed at 2009 fourth Ealam War.

This book is worth reading even now if you want to know the Srilankan Tamils problem. If you said you are Tamil Please read this book.. Even this book now available in English from the same author and same publisher.

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LTTE Prabhakaran Srilanka Tamils History

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