My Father and Narendra Modi

My Father’s Strong beliefs
My father died on five years before. He was 3rd class in 1950’s. During his end of the days he always told, One Bachelor will rule India. That time India becomes super power in the world. He would be very strong in his decisions and same time he cares the people lot.

Vajpayee too bachelor
During Atal Bihari Vajpayee period, I was checked with my father during my visit to native place Madurai. The lean and powerful eyes bed ridden man simply rejects my arguments and stressed, I am telling the powerful bachelor will rule the country. Atal Bihari Vajpayee not in this category since he is in power with help of other parties.

Manmohan period – Only Bitter
Dr.Manmohan Singh came to power after Vajpayee and end of his first term, before the election my father expired. I don’t have the person to discuss with these topics during my Madurai visit. Manmohan singh came up as Prime minister and this second term gave very bitter experience across the all the people in our country. That bitter was expressed in recent Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi becomes Prime minister with super majority.

Narendra Modi – The vision and mission very clear
When I saw the Narendra Modi exclusive interview during the election by Tamil News TV Channel – Thanthi TV. That was the first and foremost interview in Tamil TV Channel. Ranganath Bande the senior editor of Thanthi TV interviewed Modi. This interview was not reached to major of Tamil population, that could be Thanthi TV does not have much viewers compare with other leading TV Channels.  However, Modi answered each and every question with his unique vision and mission style.  After that interview I realized that Narendra Modi not as usual leader.

Narendra Modi is that powerful leader mentioned by my father?
Yesterday in joint sitting of Parliament at Parliament Central Hall, President Pranab Mukherjee laid down Narendra Modi plans and schemes. It is amazing and gave the confidence that Narendra Modi government will become one of the result oriented government. Narendra Modi and his government primary focus on Indian Villages and farmers. I believe Narendra Modi is the person that my father told bachlor. Next time when I will go for yearly Tithi to my father I need to cross check with him by my prayer.

Narendra Modi Interview on Thanthi TV



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