Natural Treatments For Cholesterol

Herbs along with other natural items have been used for a lot longer than the standard prescription medications used these days to regulate high cholesterol levels.

There are numerous natural options to begin treating high cholesterol. This may perhaps be notably favourable to affected individuals who want to manage their cholesterol levels using exercise and dieting. Natural items might cut down cholesterol levels by the process of dissolving fat in the blood stream.

Soya Beans

Soya Beans

To help deal with cholesterol the natural way, take more…


Abundant in oat bran, rice bran, beans, peas, barley, cirtrus fruits, strawberries, apples and carrots, this type of fiber assists in bringing down LDLs without lowering HDLs. Fiber is often consumed via fiber health supplements or by way of foodstuff for example whole grains and vegetables, apart from those outlined above. It’s thought that fiber binds to cholesterol in the little intestines, protecting against cholesterol absorption into the blood stream.


Eating 3 tablespoons of soy protein a day decreases LDLs by nearly 13 % and triglycerides by 10 %. Stir soy powder into orange juice drink, eat soy burgers or roasted soy beans, or start to drink hot chocolate which has been prepared with vanilla-flavoured soy beverage.


Discovered in fish such as salmon, mackerel along with other fish, this oil reduces triglycerides and raises HDLs. Eat three to four ounces twice a week and keep a low fat diet.


A concentrated resource of soluble fiber, psyllium is generally found in laxatives and bran cereals. Individuals with high cholesterol who consistently eat about 10 grams of psyllium per day can lower total cholesterol by 5 % and LDLs by 9 %. Be aware though because psyllium can easily bring about intestinal blockages if taken without having sufficient liquids.


The green, black, and oolong types have chemicals which are thought to reduce LDLs and help keep them from oxidizing.


Found in edible vegetable oils such as wheat germ, sunflower, cottonseed, safflower, canola, soybean, and corn oil, vitamin E helps prevent the formation of artery-clogging plaque.


Garlic is really a proven anti-oxidant. This assists prevent LDLs from being oxidised and lowers the build-up of plaque that clogs the arteries.


Carnitine may be seen to increase HDL levels, therefore decreasing total cholesterol levels.


Chromium is essential in the synthesis of cholesterol, fats and protein. It maintains stable blood sugar levels via correct insulin utilization and can be helpful for people with diabetes and/or hypoglycaemia. Studies have shown that low plasma chromium levels can be an indication of coronary artery disease. Take 400 mcg. a day of chromium picolinate to enhance HDL to LDL ratio.


Coenzyme Q10 has been noted to reduce total cholesterol serum levels.


Grape seed extracts reduce total cholesterol serum levels.


Pantothine may be seen to increase HDL levels, therefore decreasing total cholesterol levels.


Red yeast rice contains a natural form of lovastatin. It’s an effective natural product for cholesterol control.


Royal Jelly may be seen to lower cholesterol levels by reducing some of the cholesterol-elevating effects of nicotine.

ASCORBIC ACID (also known as vitamin C)

Using Vitamin C with bioflavonoids of up to 4000 mg. a day is thought to lower your cholesterol.

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