Our Thoppukaranam become Super brain yoga now…

When I was surfing the net recently, my friend TRSMD sent the following link with a comment that now you can put ‘Thoppukaranam’ in a scientific way:

The video brought a big grin in my face and I subsequently read the following article in Deccan Chronicle:


Actually what I saw in the video was exactly resembling the ‘Thoppukaranam’ (in Tamil) which we perform in front of ‘Lord Ganesha’ holding the ears in devotion and doing the sit-ups. Actually we were not taught by our parents as to why we are doing that. This was part of chastisement for kids in schools which is recently abandoned. Centuries ago, our ancestors devised these customs and rituals as a part of worshipping God knowing exactly what it is. The so called rationalists and atheists ridiculed these traditional doctrines, customs and rituals of Hindus telling that there is no logical reason behind these rituals and advising us to discard it. Now, a westerner has patented your traditional ritual as his own discovery and named it as Super Brain Yoga. You would have seen foreigners capturing snaps and videos of Hindu Idols and our way of worshipping Gods in all Hindu Temples. You would have thought that they are capturing the videos just to know our culture and tradition. But they are analyzing our traditional doctrines, customs and rituals, finding out the profound truth behind it and just encashing it. Our rationalists and atheists will get publishing rights from this patent holder, publish the books in all Indian languages and sell it. They even practice this Yoga as there is a logical reason they asked for. Our Hindu Leaders and Priests keep on complaining that Hindu people below poverty line are converted as Christians giving them money, education and medical help. You should think why they are converting? You have not conveyed them about the rich cultural and traditional heritage of Hinduism and the profound truth behind it.

Vinayagar Thoppukaranam

Vinayagar Thoppukaranam

As per 1989 data, globally, churches spend 145 billion dollars, command four million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals and four billion tracts a year, and operate 1,890 radio and TV stations. There are a quarter million foreign missionaries, over 400 institutions to train them.

Leave their intention; it is good or bad, they are taking serious efforts for revealing the mass about Christianism.  What our priests do? They just complain about mass conversion and say Hinduism is under threat! Get the help of good patrons and go to the public, create awareness among them and publish periodicals in simple language so that even a layman can understand about greatness of Hinduism. Stop complaining, Go and Save the remaining traditional doctrines, customs and rituals before a westerner patents it. It is apt to remember here what Swami Vivekananda taught us: Arise, Awake, Stop Not till the goal is reached.


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