In Map Reduce – Record reader importance

record-reader-in-map-reduce Hadoop is running on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that means it is based on Distributed computing. If one data set is passing through Hadoop system it is split as blocks. The default size is 64 MB in Hadoop system. It can be split as multiple of these default size that means 64 MB or […]

Relationship with Input Splits and HDFS Blocks

Input Splits and HDFS Blocks Hadoop is very dynamic technology which rules the technology world now. When you learning about Hadoop you have to understand the what is Hadoop. Hadoop is usually defined as the framework running on distributed data systems. The Data which is injected into Hadoop this data is divided as block of data and it stored in […]

Fear in the Forex Market

Fear in the Forex Market Fear is the trader’s worst enemy.  Fear taps into the primitive part of the human brain, triggering a fight or flight response.  When this happens to a trader you start making fear-based decisions, such as holding onto your losses too long and cutting your winners too short. Successful traders are still human, but have managed […]

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea It is hard to tell if someone has sleep apnea simply by reviewing symptoms. A firm diagnosis can be made only after a patient undergoes an overnight sleep study, in which his or her breathing is monitored. If you have symptoms that might indicate apnea, discuss them with your health care provider, who may send […]