Review on Mainland China Chennai Buffet Lunch

There are two options to have good Chinese food if you are located in chennai.

1) Head to the airport and  take a flight to Shangai or
2) visit Mainland china.

The Former ones seems impractical so lets stick with the second option. Mainland china has two branches one at Nungambakkam and the other at Teynampet.  Drive down to Sterling road and head out to Quality Inn Aruna, where Mainland china is located. Dumplings available in both Veg and non Veg versions will keep you wanting more. The Buffet is a sumptuous spread with Authentic Chinese dishes spread out to attack.

Start with the option of Veg/non-Veg  soup served along with  dim-sum a nice starter to complement the soup. The Chinese Tea is something to taste. The soup session is also complemented by Veg / Non-Veg rolls and salads. A suggestion here is not to fill your tummy with soup, as some great spreads await you. Start by picking up the plate and grabbing some fish in Chinese sauce. It is spicy, tangy and nice. A spicy Lamb gravy goes well with the Noodles and Rice. Chicken Lollypop as we commonly know it is a good bite alongside the main-course.  A Chicken is also a good bet with the noodles and fried rice.

Tofu (Paneer) gravys, Mixed Veg / Steamed Vegetables are favorites of vegetarians.  A potato based preparation cooked up in authentic Chinese herbs and sauces is a “must try” here.  Desserts are large with some Daarsan, two types of ice-cream, Chocolate Mousse and some cakes. Whenever I visit I take at least two rounds of desserts.

The buffet is unlimited, open from 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and costs Rs 600/- . I have visited this place around 4 times and will surely go there again. I have been shown the same courtesy all the 4 times and I am completely satisfied with the hotel – both price, Service & Quality. Mainland China is my recommendation for authentic Chinese food. You don’t get a word of Indian cuisine, but asking for Indian food in a Chinese hotel is a sheer insult.


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  1. Hi,

    Very nice article. Truely brings out your feel of the food and the Resturant as a whole. One additional info., I thought of sharing here with you and the readers. TOFU is not Paneer. TOFU is Soya bean Curd. One of the very famous and staple foods in Japan. There were many talks and articles around the world that this very TOFU is the reason for the longer life for Japanese people. This is also served in some Chinese Resturant as Chinese food. As Japanese and Chinese share many things in common including their origin and history, its difficult to which culture TOFU belongs to.

  2. Are you available for any of the fnolowilg days in July?July 5th, 6th, 7th, 8thJuly 20th, 21st, 22ndJuly 25th, 26thpossibly July 27th and 28thI move to Shanghai on the 30th, and am looking to get a head start before my job at the Shanghai American School begins. Thanks!

Review on Mainland China Chennai Buffet Lunch

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