Seeman Speech makes everyone to think. Seeman Speech Review

Seeman Speech becomes make the persons to think. In this video interview he explains how the government make the people to do corruption in their daily life.

Election becomes business and elected government becomes intermediately for corporate and peoples, Seeman asks why can’t government can give the administration to the corporates who bid for more amount.

Seeman words makes everyone to think. Hats off Seeman. What do you think about this interview
1. He shows respect when he mentions other leaders. The above video clearly shows how he addresses other party leaders whom he opposes very much.
2. His ideology of uniting Tamils all around without any caste based barriers is admirable.
3. The party is contesting in all the constituencies without aligning with DMK or ADMK. This shows he is clear in his vision. He is not doing the same mistake done by Vaiko. His confidence is admirable.
4. He has the ability to attract the votes of Tamil enthusiasts who would have lost the confidence on DMK in recent past.
5. His major followers are youths and he emphasizes the role of youths in politics. This remains me of early DMK during Hindi agitation.
6. He avoids and criticizes religious politics.
7. His love for the Tamil ethnicity and language are his strengths.



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