Seeman the most impressing political leader in Tamilnadu

Google trend shows that his name is the most searched name in Tamilnadu. Seeman is rising very fast in Tamilnadu. That too within a short span of time. We are all fed up with the existing politicians. Seeman was slapped with false anti-national and sedition charges to contain his growth. But nothing stopped him.

Seeman is getting popular among the TN youths and his Speeches are going viral in Social Media. But, will this be transformed to votes only time can tell. Until DMK/ADMK loses its voter base (which is not going to happen in a decade) Seeman’s Naam Tamilar party will be one among the handful of small parties in TN.

Seeman was on ground zero for 30 continuous days helping the rain affected people in Chennai. Also he was in Srilanka during (yes ‘during’) the battle between LTTE freedom fighters and the Lankan genocide government. Most of the 234 candidates he fielded for election are doctors, engineers, lawyers, research scholars and gold medalists who themselves came from repressed societies.

Seeman came out with election action plan. He did not bring out a election manifesto like other parties. It is 316 pages long. Most of them are doable. The media is not showing him. But still he is rapidly getting popular. Naam Tamilar Katchi does not have financial support. However Seeman is coming up breaking all odds against him!

The way Seemane sway ADMK and DMK for their corruption and inaction, even DMDK and MDMK shows his confidence in this principles. Both ADMK and DMK media are trying to hide his popularity which clearly shows that he is growing. See some of his speeches. Very clean vision of Tamil society without hurting others and his pain for the lost Tamils in Eelam war – are evident in all his speeches. His vision and self respect for Tamils growth in the present day world is evident in all his speeches.
In the coming 2016 Tamil Nadu assembly election he is contesting in all the constituencies which shows his confidence. He will win at least few seats in the coming election but that will help them strengthen their party for the next consecutive elections.

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