Sleep Apnea: The Dangers

There are serious dangers connected with the condition of sleep apnea.The dangers of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders are serious. You chance your health and sometimes even your life if you don’t pay particular attention to possible symptoms.

Most of us have heard thousands of times how essential a great night’s sleep is to our entire body function and all round wellness. During sleep apnea events, patients are forced to come out of restorative REM rest so as to regain breath.

Such intermittent disturbances through the night can impact right through to the next day, very seriously impacting on the body’s ability to function. Alertness and focus are very easily broken, and patients may feel tiredness and weak productivity as a result of high daytime sleepiness. And rest apnea sufferers are not alone in wellness risks from sleep apnea. Reports of apneic patients falling asleep at the wheel, or causing an accident are not uncommon, and it’s estimated that partners of apneics lose an average of 1 hour of rest a night.



Here are some of the common dangers of rest apnea:Intellectual deterioration
Mood swings/temperamental behavior Insomnia

Heart attack
Muscle pain
Cardiac arrhythmia
Inefficient metabolism
Loss of short term memory
Weight gain
Gastric reflux
High blood pressure
Severe anxiety
Memory and concentration impairment

It’s a long list – as you can see.

Some individuals who are quite overweight, who have lung or heart problems, or who have medical problems force them to respire too shallowly may have repeated problematic drops in their oxygen levels throughout rest. Although they might never really stop breathing, they simply don’t breathe heavily sufficiently to sustain good blood oxygen levels.

Men with unattended severe obstructive sleep apnea have a greater occurrence of non-fatal and fatal heart issues compared to other males.

Individuals with obstructive sleep apnea have a substantially higher chance of sudden death from heart problems throughout rest.

Exhaustion caused by sleep apnea may create severe mental problems starting with touchiness and progressing to depression with obvious changes in both behavior and mood.

An assessment of death certificates indicated that over time, those with severe sleep apnea were more likely to die sooner than those without it. Contributing factors such as being overweight would seem to raise the chance of sleep apnea. This is due to increased fatty and soft airways which are more very easily collapsed. Large tonsils and tongues, tight throat muscles, and a history of cigarette smoking are also chance factors.

Although sleep apnea isn’t usually lethal by itself, when combined with heart problems and chronic inflammation, it can multiply the risks of heart strokes, attacks, and elevated stress hormones.

Should you feel you’re suffering from any type of sleep apnea, see your wellness care provider at once. If the causes are more obstructive in nature, you will find a number of treatment techniques available to you. Although some natural treatments could possibly help in a few cases, it’s always best to obtain a doctor’s opinion before you try any do-it-yourself remedies.

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