Software Developers Job in India. How to get it fast?

This article is giving some ideas and tricks to get software jobs in India at short period.  This is applying for who already has some job experience.

All are applying job sites like, and If you are looking into recruitment agency, the recruiter (the person who first lookout your resume and forwarded to relevant person) spending lesser than one minute per resume. You are beautified with verdana font with good colour and margins, but your resume is not get attention to that recruiter.  Because your resume not in expected format.  The resume should be straight forward and it needs to be clear in international standard. That means who ever looking your resume, even the person has +2 or normal degree as qualification needs to come into conclusion what is your strength and weakness after reading your resume. Most of them are not aware of this; here there is lot of tricks.

Ideas to getting software job fast

Ideas to getting software job fast

1. Go for Monster India resume service. It is worth service. They are charging from 3000 rupees depends on your resume. But it is worth investment. They never develop the resume their own. They are taking the inputs from you. But after the resume is changed or developed my Monster you can realize the power of your resume. I bet you if you are modifying your resume by Monster Resume service, your shortlisted chance for any opportunities are 99%.

2. Apply to all consultants. You can opt for resume sending service by Monster with your resume developing service. Call Monster or drop mail they will contact you and explaining their service. Please never go to, their service not good as monster.

3. Go to company web sites directly and apply. Suppose the one or two position vacancy arises, then the HR or internal recruiter never give that to job consultancy. They are searching their internal database themselves. In that scenario if you applying directly through company site/career site, then it will immediately received by internal recruiter and chances for getting shortlisted 4 interviews is high.

4. Keep update your resume (the monster modified resume) by adding some space or remove space and save the resume, then upload the job sites at least once in a week till you will get the job. Recruiter usually login into recruiter login in job sites and they are searching their required skillets resume online. It is resembles of Google search engine search. In Google most of them searched and viewed first one or two pages. If you keep modify your resume and upload once in week, then your resume would be listed into within two pages. This option too available in monster as – Resume highlights service. You can use that service.

So, if you want to get job at earliest first task need to do call monster modify your resume, send it to consultants, and get highlighted. Get shortlisted and Get Job. This is my own experience. I have applied monster on 28-Jan-2010. My resume modified on First week of February and I got shortlisted by three companies and attend two companies interview and got offer from both. Now I am going to join in among one. I spend around 9000 rupees for all these services. But I got offer with 40% increment which is ROI (Return of Investment) – 4 days of my current offer salary.

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