Suriya is the King of Tamil Cinema

Tamil cinema has witnessed some of the finest actors you would ever come across. One of the names that instantly comes to our mind once we hear Tamil Cinema is the great kamala Hassan. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors that Tamil cinema has ever seen. He has also made his mark in Bollywood and other Indian film industries.

The new generation of Tamil actors is also extremely talented. Today, Tamil cinema has changed drastically. One has to be extremely fit these days to carry the job of an actor with ease and success. One such extremely fit actor who is gaining a lot of popularity in Tamil film Industry is Suriya.

Suriya is undoubtedly one of the superstars in Tamil cinema today. Well, if you don’t believe us than ask all those girls who simply go gaga over Suriya. Ever since his debut film, Suriya has successfully maintained a good record and most of his movies invariably do well at the box office. This has also made him one of the favorite actors for the producers down south.

Tamil Actor Surya Sivakumar

Tamil Actor Surya Sivakumar

His latest flick Aadhavan would soon be celebrating 100 days at the box office. These days very few films all over the world are able to achieve this feat. One of the very important reasons behind this fact is multiplex theatres. Most of the multiplex theatres these days have about 3-4 movie screens in it which means that more number of shows are shown every single day and hence most of the films vanish from the theatres within 4-5 weeks. However, the fact that Aadhavan has survived at the box office for more than 13 weeks only proves that the movie is well made and the audience loves it.

Tamil Actor Surya

Tamil Actor Surya

Suriya would also very soon make his bollywood debut in Ram Gopal Verma’s next flick and he would be starring along with Vivek Oberoi. Well, with the kind of talent and the extremely robust looks we believe that this talented actor is surely going to go places.

Anybody listening in Hollywood?

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2 thoughts on “Suriya is the King of Tamil Cinema

  1. Very good review. Yes surya is sure winner. His excellent performance in blockbuster Ghajini, gave superb footstep for him for the quick success. I remember when Surya entered in Tamil Cinema how he gave all flop movies, he picked up from national award winner Bala movies…Surya is the best example for patience and persistance.
    Hats off surya….

  2. Evern Surya is king of Tamil Cinema.. He is still child in terms of maturity. In Bhuvaneshwari case he slashes all media persons and his speech on that issue could be immature and childish.

    When Vivek oberai beome slave to genocide king rajapakshe.. Suriya said “Tamil problem” has dead in srilanka and why all are speaking about that.. This is showing suriya half boiiled comments about his own Tamil religion.

    Suriya you can get success by your hardwork.. You can make all back money into white by staring agaram foundation and showing/helping the youths for studies..all are ok.. If you not respecting your launguage, your religion then you are equal to animal..You need to remmber this fact.. One man success not related to his hardwork or is totally depends on how he look other man, man kind and his religion..

    God will bless you..

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