Tamil, English and Tanglish

What is this Tanglish?

Tanglish I don’t have to explain detail about what is this Tanglish meaning. Particularly here in Tamilnadu and Tamil & English dot com site. Tanglish become culture and un-announced official language in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu people forgot to speak pure Tamil even in rural and interior Villages (Thanks Tamil Satellite TV Channels). Anyway whoever doesn’t know what it is actually – yes still lots of young generation don’t know the meaning of Tanglish since the word related to Tamil is in it. Hello Tamil younger generations – the generation who literally thought that they hails from London directly, Tanglish is the language what you are using day to day life. Conventional way it was explained as 50% Tamil + 50 % English. Yes read it correctly it is conventional explanation.  The recent time meaning for Tanglish is 90% English and 10% Tamil even full of English and using only conjunction that means in between two English sentences using Tamil.

The reality of Tamil Language today

Tamil language is one of the ancient languages in the world. How it treat today within Tamil people who have Tamil as their mother Tongue?  If you know only Tamil and if you want to survive in Tamil Nadu state capital Chennai, You can’t survive since the neighbor also looks you as alien when you are speaking in pure Tamil. Pure Tamil is only living with Politicians, Tamil poets and Tamil Teachers currently.  In Chennai anywhere and everywhere if you speak pure Tamil then you will immediately get reply or comments like “hey man speaks in Tamil man”. You will be lost after receiving these comments since you thought you are speaking in Tamil. But, the opposite person mostly the teen agers thought (no they are confirmed) whatever they are using “hey man speak in Tamil man” as Tamil.

English is the God Language?

In Tamilnadu Government which elected by Tamils is not in proper way. All the governments are only have the policy that issue cheap free schemes to catch up the votes in the election.  The former DMK government has started the new concept of giving money to each voter from Tirumangalam Bye election. It is called as Tirumangalam Formula.   None of the Administrators are thinking in terms of ordinary people. Tamilnadu have very peculiar in administration that means here government runs liquor shop and private runs schools and hospitals. So, government produces all the disease/patients in their liquor shop who will be permanent customer for private hospitals. In Education sector government never gave preferences to government run schools; instead they encourage the private schools, colleges which also mostly run by politicians.  In the private schools they are giving preference to English or Hindi not for Tamil as first language. Another peculiar fact about Tamilnadu is How Government knows the people mentality the same way Private schools knows the Tamils mentality. The Ordinary Tamil Family person has strong thought that by speaking or studying in English only his son or daughter will survive in this world. They are crazy about English medium schools and getting admission there. Even English medium Pre-KG, LKG and UKG they are ready to pay up to one lakh rupees as fees or donations.

Tamils why you kill yourself?

I am working in MNC. Here if two Kerala state persons meet they speak in Malayalam. If two Telugu people meet they speak in Telugu. If two North Indian Hindi speaking person meet they never mind they always speak in Hindi. But if two Tamil meet and speaks them, they definitely speak in English. They never ever speak in Tamil and they are very particular to showing their peterness (In Tamil who always intend to speak in English even among the Tamils crowd called as Peter).  They never understand what is the use of showing their peterness among Tamils? Because of they forgot the root, they never unite.  If any problem comes the main enemy or whoever pulled the legs in very crucial situation would be Tamils.  Tamils are living in all the countries in this world. But they don’t have any separate Tamil country. Tamils unity is very famous. Because of this anti-unity of Tamils, Tamils lost all the rights. There is no history that all Tamilnadu parliamentary members (MPs) raise their voice for one problem in Indian Parliament.

The Tanglish effects

Tanglish already shows its effects in Tamilnadu. The recent time students are not having guts in their life. They never resist to taking of simple failure. Year by year more students are suicides because of the silly reasons.  Language is the basic for everything. Tamils having good culture, because of Tamils are becomes Tanglish speaking persons they simply ignore their good culture.  The students are not good in either Tamil or English . In Tamilnadu currently the most of the families, Father spending time with Government Liquor Shop, Mother spending with Satellite TV Channels –  illegal relationship serials, the teen age persons mostly spending time with mobile phones, the government is always thinking about its incomes, and giving spree for corporate. Where we are going? All these are started from Tanglish.  You believe it or not the all the big changes are started from small tiny things. The Tamilnadu Tamils collapse already and it has been started by the name of “Tanglish

The Tanglish Song gone viral in Net – Video Thank God this movie was flop, Otherwise Tanglish becomes official announced language in Tamilnadu in India.

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Tamil, English and Tanglish

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