Tamil Political Leader Vaiko becomes example for the worst Emotional Intelligence

angry-vaikoEmotional Intelligence – the unique science, where the success persons are follow this and they tune their actions. In Tamil only one book is available Idliya irungal“. We already written the review about this book. You can view it here.

the-worst-Emotional-Intelligence-politician-Mr-VaikoIn recent times Mr. Vaiko becomes the best example for worst Emotional Intelligence because of his irritated actions. After he becomes “Arjuna” for his DMDK-PWF alliance, he lost his resistance. In the most of the press meets and public meetings he throw complaints against DMK and ADMK. However, When recent interview at polymer TV asked about the rumor that spreader that Vaiko got 1500 crore, he simply walk out.

Yesterday when he commented about DMDK MLA (ChandraKumar and others) splitted DMDK. Mr. Vaiko was tensed in peak and he throw all awkward comments which nobody in Tamilnadu politics used (senior politicians). Vaiko becomes unfit for Politics.

Vaiko argue with Police SP

Vaiko Scolding Reporters



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