Vijayakanth speech at Mamandur – The Worst speech of Chief Minister Candidate

vijayakanth-mamandoor-speechVijayakanth – One of the hype leader by media and politicians in 2016. Vijayakanth was started his party 10 years before. First he become MLA and later election he became Opposition Leader. In Opposition leader he never done any good job in assembly. Instead of he showed his angry face in assembly and he lost 8 MLA. These MLA were moved to AIADMK.

Vijayakanth hype had been started in last year end. All the major parties are trying to get alliance with Vijayakanth except AIADMK. Vijayakanth spoke with all parties and finally he zeroed with People Welfare Front.
Vaiko is main person to form this alliance. Initially it was started with four parties later Vijayakanth DMDK added and becomes five parties alliance. Two days before GK Vasan also added into this alliance and it become six parties alliance. If we aggregate these all six parties votes it will comes maximum 10%. However their dream is very big. They announced Vijayakanth as Chief Minister candidate.
Vijayakanth speech was inspiration for net-zines. Hence, by vijayakanth speech only all are getting the ideas for memes. After a twenty days break Vijayakanth spoke yesterday at DMDK-People’s Welfare Alliance conference in Mamandur . It was pathetic the speech does not have any plan for Tamilnadu. What is their agenda he never discuss. His speech was one of the worst speech. How he becomes Chief Minister of Tamilnadu?. If Vijayakanth becomes CM then Tamilnadu would have very pathetic times in history.



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