What is copywriting means?

I am having sweat and small family of one wife and two daughters. When my wife was 9 th standard in school, her father died. My wife and my brother in law was struggled to do normal life. She completed +2 with family friends help and continues UG in correspondence and for daily bread she started to work. She worked various roles like petrol station assistant, automobile workshop admin, photo copy centre admin, local account firm accountant and lastly landed to document writing office.

I was met her for my marriage just fifteen days before of my marriage. That meeting was after all the formalities were done by my family members for finalization of my marriage after seeing in persons each other. My family crowd literally little big than my wife side. My crowd consist of my elder sisters, two elder brothers’ and their kith and kin with my mother. I entered in the house and welcome by the entire crowd. I saw one lean normal look girl in that crowd, I thought she may be relative from my sister side. After a couple of minutes of mingling of crowd I came to know she is the girl that we came to meet and finalize.
She is very hard working and she basically has document writing capabilities. Around four months before udhayam daal conducted one slogan contest; she wrote some three sentences slogan and sent that. She got one make up kit small hand bag as a prize for that. Around a month back when Vijay TV anchor DD presence in Sunland advertisement and announcing the slogan contest, my wife was geared up and she wrote four sentences slogan and showed to me. I read it is look like Haiku. I explained the slogan should be like punch line in the movie that using by super star Rajinikanth in his movies. She heard me and replied that the contest won’t be genuine and added as usual they will award to the prize to the person that they knows.

This is our problem; we tried/worked hard and same time having equal amount of negative thoughts in our mind. In Indians this is intact within our mind since the transparent and genuine was completely erased in all phases of our life. I added to her “you already wrote some slogan for this contest. If it brings the prize or not it should reached to them. Instead if it is in this paper then that will be waste of the time and effort. She compromised and sent that slogan to Sunland. After a month she got the email that her slogan was considered and after a week time she got the invitation for the prize distribution function.

We started from our house around 4PM and when we approaching the venue (YMCA hall) there was heavy rain, we entered and seen half of the hall already filled, rain continues and function started with orchestra. Vijay TV anchor Divya anchoring the function with non-stop comedy, dance performance with prize distribution. This function supposed to be anchored by Sunland oil brand ambassador Vijay TV Anchor DD. However she was in her marriage reception and next day her Big Day. When each prize like washing machine, refrigerator, gold, and bike was distributed they showed the prize winning slogans. The final and first prize – House in Chennai was awarded by one person from Nagerkoil. The first prize slogan is “Ovvoru thuliyilum Energy” (Energy in each drop). When the slogan words size reduces the prize amount increased. She got the idea and she wondered how simple and powerful of this slogan words are. She was cracking her head to form the words and make it as sentences. However the prize winning slogan is normal words but it is short and powerful.

She has been in the slogan hangover for last two days after the function. And today she concludes that copy writing is not cracking head to write more words. It is the art of writing simple short words (short is the key as more short as more powerful) this could be understand by the crowd in that function too after heard the first prize slogan.




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What is copywriting means?

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