Why I prefer Amazon.in than Flipkart.com

I am not a serious shopper. I and my wife prefer internet shopping because of its amazing deals, discounts; get to know the complete details of the products, reviews and goods return policies. We usually shopped all electronic goods like mobile phone, speaker, laptop, headphones, watches and books. We maintain our money life with double sword plastic tool (Credit Cards) for last five years successfully. Most of the cards are giving rewards points. I usually collect the rewards points and get the Flipkart vouchers till this year March.


Myntra.com only gives services in its Smartphone App. We can’t buy anything from computer. Somebody who thought marketing guru gave the idea to sell the goods only through Smartphone App. Myntra implemented and we can’t browse the goods into bigger screen. Anyway Myntra.com is Flipkart’s Rs.2000 crore mega deal. Flipkart bought Myntra and decided to sell the goods through Myntra App. We can’t expect it should be in big screen since Flipkart owned it. They can even sell only to specialized device – which they can create specially for this – They have that much power and money.

However all product in flipkart.com – if anything want to browse to see the details for taking decision to buy it or not before my indulge travels it says “Buy in App” message in the website for almost most of the products is simply irritating to me. We have normal smartphone which is around 1 GB RAM. I even not like see the mail completely in smartphone since its size. I want to see in little big screen. Smartphone is very small screen even it is 5.5 Inch screen. We are not getting the satisfaction in the small screen. Flipkart keep sells most of the product in Apps.

I had mind-set up to last year about Amazon.in that they are not tailored the service to Indian taste. But that was one year old story. After Amazon owner announced to pass huge amount to cater the Indian market, Amazon.in becomes expects the normal Indian taste. Yes Amazon.in has been changed completely; the Uncle Sam gorilla becomes Indian mega eCommerce store. We can browse more products, books in amazon. I am keep purchasing the books in Amazon. I like to see the product in bigger screen. Amazon too sells goods in Apps but not “Only Apps”.

My request to FlipKart.com Mr. Sachin and Binny Bansal – We know India’s population 40% are youths who are using smartphones. But, remaining 60% persons are using big screens. If you are aiming only for 40% it is nothing but giving 60% share to your competitors. Is it great business idea?




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