Why MDMK Leader Vaiko tactics are failing? Can Vaiko makes Vijayakanth as King?

Vaiko-1How MDMK Leader becomes Joker in each election?

Only leader who doesn’t have self confidence on him is Vaiko , every time he makes wrong decision in the end. Morally no one likes Vijayakanth even leaders of people wing front and people as well but somehow luck favors him to preside over the alliance. This is seen as downfall of Vaiko , Thiruma & communists , people will not vote for them for sure. What sort of struggle Vaiko made? He just used Tamil Tigers name for his politics. Do you know the value of sacrifice of a Tamil Tiger cadre?

Vijayakanth was an actor not even a social worker… he’s a political LKG with no knowledge on people, politics, economy, science etc.. he can’t even stand alone on a stage, can’t even make a clear statement on major issues… he has no knowledge on inter state issues, state issues, central issues, Tamil issues, he has idiotic followers who has no respect even from their family and will perish soon….shame as a Tamilian to hear him as a CM candidate.


Last 70 years of DMK history and governance could have been easily done by any other common man without a great passion. we are expecting a passionate leader and team. we don’t need a regular office going politicians. credits shall be given to everybody who even just moved a single small stone in their history. even you could have done what DMK has done to Tamil nadu. not a great job ultimately. expect a great leader like Kamarajar.
Dr.Anbumani speech was good and his thoughts are very clear.Tamil Nadu people will not disclose to whom they are going to vote. So we will know when the results are out.



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