You can produce hydrocarbon in home

This system are all ready implemented in our village sides areas long time ago. I mean before 10 years.. but government given Free gas and discount they all are stopped this process… any way I found an issue with your demo setup… you don’t have excess gas emergency exists (lol).. if the gas get more on the water tank it will broken the tank.. so it could be better if u have fitted the emergency exit(like pressure cooker have)…

Difficulties are there. that’s where the engineers play the role. and for the separation part if people put the degradable and non degradable waste in separate bags then half of the pain taking task will be over. People should cooperate to make any implementation successful.

Very useful video. I like to watch and try all this kind of stuffs during my school days. But no one explained like this. You are actually taking all this great science technology to a common man in simple way. Hats of to you and your team.

actually common people mentality is like below. example malai neer thoti vetla implement panarathuku no people interested they are lazy. so this bio gas implementation should be done by students awareness and educate people in village and city by students only can get results you do further video to request people and students to unite all and do educate people.

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